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Long Ball To The Top

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Everyone seems all about the fancy free flowing football these days, that got me thinking. Could you be succesful with a long ball system on FM '20.


Let's find out together shall we.


The obvious choice is AFC Wimbledon. We are going to set up to be tight and compact without the ball and look to strike long and quick through the middle when we regan possesion. Midfield wise it's two B2B CM's as running is the name of the game for these lads. Classic Targetman/Poacher is how we line up in attack. I didn't really know what to do with the wide midfielders so I've just set them to WM on auto.


r/footballmanagergames - Long Ball To The Top

First two games of the season aren't promising with just one attacking highlight in 180 minutes of action, that highlight was a goal but  unfortunetly the opposition in both games score two goals.

Not an encouraging start if I'm honest.

If things started badly they only got worse, the goal we scored in our second game turned out to be the only goal we scored in the whole opening month of the season, with our only point coming in a 0-0 draw with Ipswich.

Results pick up in the second month of the season with a 3 win streak actually happening! in fact if you discount the Papa Johns trophy or whatever the hell It's called these days we actually go unbeaten in September. Maybe the team just needed to gel into the new tactic ?


r/footballmanagergames - Long Ball To The Top

We make it to the end of 2019 and its been up and down, we sit in 11th which I'm pretty happy wth to be honest we are one of the favourites to be relegated after all.

Joe Pigott has really been our main man with very little goals coming from any where else this season.

r/footballmanagergames - Long Ball To The Top

So that's the table with half a season to go. Like I say i'm reasonably happy with how things have gone, Let's face it this isn't going to be one of those stories on here where we win the champions league in 4 seasons.

r/footballmanagergames - Long Ball To The Top

The only way to go is up......

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Jag använde samma regen ansiktspaket eftersom de inte kommer att gå ur stil eftersom de inte är kända människor, men DF11 har redan släppt de uppdaterade 21 kompletta ansiktspaketen, så jag valde det. Igår kväll provade jag FM20-versionen, och många av de yngre spelarna i spelet har fortfarande ansikten borttagna.